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A sahyog lari is a lightweight mobile infrastructure that could address immediately the necessities of the transit camp.It can be customized to address a variety of issues like the creation of public space, working stations to help in the maintenance of the houses, vendor carts for small streets, toilets, and all the things that are not available in such settlements. These compact structures will provide temporary relief to the people until a permanent solution is made available to the people living in the transit camps.

Displacement of impoverished poor demography due to infrastructural development in the site of unorganized fragile dwellings has been more of a norm than an exception in India. The high incidence of forced evictions and demolition of homes of lower-income, marginalized groups and communities across India is extremely disconcerting, but continues to be largely undocumented, ignored, and thus unaddressed. 


The proposition of Transit Kit as a project  is to look closely at the phenomenon of transit camps in our current scenario and propose a ‘Transit Kit’ as a set of parts that can be easily assembled by displaced families in need, through a DIY methodology to create a dignified temporary shelter

A transit camp design proposal developed to conceptualize and understand the conditions of Indian transit camps and visualize design solutions. the Project aims to unblock the barriers in the current transit camp conditions in India, by strategising the use of urban devices and block clusters as a part of this larger system of transit camps