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With the growing issues of unemployment, loss of livelihood and revenue generation in the community,  Sashakt Lari itself is an opportunity to work and earn for a living. It aims at making more and more people financially independent. Sashakt Lari makes for an excellent way to improve the quality of life, by making groceries easily accessible within the settlement and also acts as a refreshments stall. Apart from these, it also serves to socially uplift the community, by providing a means for people to socially interact and gather while it acts as a refreshments stall.


Lari is an urban architecture that can serve diverse demands in multiple sites sequentially. In project Nirdaliya, Sashakt lari aims to encourage people to be independent and not rely on outside sources for food and other essentials. But at the same time, it also looks into the unity of the community, its interaction and bonding.

Sashakt laari focuses on livelihood and encourages people to become financially independent. Thus, improve the quality of life in the community.


Kaushal Vikas Laari helps creating opportunities to work and earn for a living along with creating awareness about certain issues faced as well as gaining skills to face everyday challenges.The laari incorporates the programs such as Entrepreneurial Program, Women's Health and Sanitation Program, Vacuum Packaging Workshop, and Electrical and Plumbing Workshop. Apart from developing skills,it also creates an opportunity for more community interaction.

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