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Moksha Shah
Bhoomika Patel

Project Nirdaliya focuses on bringing all the programmatic developments to come together as one in a cohesive manner. It helps in strengthening social ties and building together with the community members. As the project is for the people it is very important that the project serves the need of the people of the settlement and provides them a good living condition. Thus, in order to make the project people’s participation would also be important. So we have designed various strategies that would help in the active participation of the people and a smooth process to develop the settlement.

The Implementation and Planning part for the project Nirdaliya is divided into stages. Stage 1 is building trust within the community by organising various public meetings and getting to know their needs and requirements. The next stage is building with the community where the members of the community design their own settlement through the medium of a game board. Through this way, a notion of self-identity and belonging is embedded into the community.  The post-occupancy stage on the other hand focuses upon building a self-reliant and self-sustainable community that is not dependent on external agencies for a dignified livelihood.

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Nirankush is a project for the people of Ganeshnagar. The design is climate responsive,compact,modular and low cost yet comfortable transit settlement. The planning and implementation strategies include a breif description about the present conditions and present procedure that are carried out for the eviction.The rights for the community and the stakeholders that involve it have also been explained. Thus, to make a better settlement and design here we have proposed a new procedure that can be carried out for the eviction of the community as well as there are some community engagement tools that have been designed to have an involvement of the residents in the new design of the settlement that shall be made.

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Competition Panel

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Supercluster Plan
Women Centre
Sub Centre
Youth Centre
Market Space
Open Space
Housing Units
Sashakt Lari
Ekta Lari
Green Space
Current & Proposed Procedure
Building with Community
UNNATI - Game Board


Right To Notice

As a resident one has the right to receive notice 90 days prior to the eviction.

Right to Information

Every resident has the right to be informed about the future plan and reason of eviction.

Right To Appeal

Residents have the right to appeal to the judiciary bodies in case of any issues.

Right To Eviction

Eviction should not take place during the period of extreme weather conditions, board exams and during night time.

Right To Housing

Every resident has the right to receive appropriate rehabilitation.

Right To Livelihood

Every resident must get the basic livelihood requirements when rehabiliated.

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