Pooja Shah

The aim of the Transit kit is to provide temporary shelter for people who have been moved due to urban development projects. Thus the space should be quick to assemble, low cost and provide comfortable and dignified living. Using the technique of scaffolding for frame and EPS boards for infill helps in quick assembling and disassembling of kit.

The housing units also provides space for
setting up cottage industry which provides extra income for residents. Sometime people have to stay in these temporary shelter for years thus one of the important factor while designing is incrementation. The house should have ability to expand with the family.

Rajeev Bhagat

Project Ashraya aims at bringing the community together by providing them a home that can be modified and customized as per the user’s need. The project has six typologies of different sizes and the community people can pick one that fits their family size. 


Moreover, the housings can be converted into a working unit where people can run a cottage industry within their living space with the help of semi- open facades. The kit comes with a catalogue of various elements to make living more comfortable. Each unit comes with mesh to make sure there is enough light and ventilation. Each of the units can eventually be converted into a bigger unit.


The project Swayampurna is compact and modular design is climate-responsive and also has a space for future expansion with family which provides at most comfort. The layouts are highly customisable and are made of low cost yet durable set of materials that are easy to assemble on the site.


Competition Panel

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Type A
Type B
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Type C
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Type D
Type E
Type F
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Stop Motion of the Construction Process
Construction Process

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