Unnati : In literal terms means Development/ Progress.
The game  was  designed  keeping  in  mind  the  aim of bringing the community  people  together on a table. This  group game  incentivizes  people in the community towards designing their own cluster by following certain rules.


Various tasks and challenges  thrown in between the rounds  ensures  community level participation  in   a  manner that everyone’s say is heardThis game board is designed  to be free-ended and hence is a platform where people can put in their view points and together think of a way to make their community a better place to live.  

As designers it is very important for us to connect with the people whom we are designing for and this game board can be  a way through which   we not only get to know people views and opinions but also a way for them to connect with each other. Hence build with community.

Instruction Manual

game box.png
Game box labelled.png
Game board_1.jpg
Top view of the played Game Board - Unnati
Game board_7.jpg
Players deciding the placement of Frugal Elements in the Cluster
Game board_3.jpg
To play the last round of the Game all the development cards are laid down on the board
Game board_6.jpg
Zoomed in view of the played Game Board showing the placement of Frugal Elements and Access Point
Game board_4.jpg
Moderator documenting the Game Board which is then sent to the design team

Instruction Manual (Hindi)

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