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Kanisha Patel

The idea behind using the scaffolding system as the main framework for the elements because it is easy to construct and could be assembled by a lay man also. The system also provides an opportunity to the community to build in their own way, dismantle it or join several systems to construct a big one for large gatherings of the community.


The three typologies which i have suggested are for seating (linear and horizontal) and mix of seating and play, that brings people of all age groups together. The canvas on the top provides a sense of enclosure and protection from the sun in the daytime.These typologies also act as an extension to the laaris, and space for other activities to happen.

The project aims at creating a sustainable and self-sufficient community. It does that by mainly focussing on the water, waste and green spaces provided in the proposal. The water is directly drawn from the ground through borewell and seasonal fog catchers making it independent from the dependency on government sources. The waste management includes the dustbins and a segregation centre that could create employment opportunities for the residents. The green spaces are an attempt to create job opportunities and encourage the community to grow their own food. Along with these, the project also proposes seating elements that are aimed to create a lively and interactive neighbourhood


Frugal city making elements form the social and the management part of the proposal. Scaffolding is used as a base to create multiple typologies that bring out the social character of the community by providing shaded sitting and playing spaces. The site preparation and pavement is also looked after within the same. Focus is laid on water and waste management considering the disposal, reusability and its proper management. In a nutshell, this topic ranges from the hierarchy of streets, the pavement, the social elements of the proposal and the overall sustainable management systems to create one harmonious living settlement.

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