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Emergency Public Architecture spaces aim to be focal points of community interaction and social bonding. They provide essential services to the community through the built form, such as training centres, schools, medical clinics and so on. Project Nirdaliya proposes the EPA in a manner that its uses extend beyond those of programmatic functions and work towards enhancing community living in transit camps - which are usually a mix of different cultural and economic groups. The EPA acts as a bridge between these various communities within the transit camp and aims to become a centre of thriving socio-cultural and economic activity where community members can start to feel a sense of belonging and create their own identity, to become a cohesive community which is more than just a ‘transit camp’.

Through the process of site analysis and design development, the proposal derives three specific typologies of Emergency Public Architectures that would be appropriately suited to serve the needs of the community which are detailed according to the user groups they cater to as well as the functions they provide. These typologies emerge from the need to provide essential services to specific populations such as the women and the youth, who are especially vulnerable to crime, violence and financial dependency in the community.

The EPA consists of several elements that bind the people of the community by providing a community kitchen, where all the women come and cook together. It is also a place that is self-sufficient because it grows raw materials like vegetables and fruits for itself in the kitchen garden. This also acts as a source of income for the people in the community. There is water storage and waste segregation besides the EPA that aims at keeping the community clean and tidy at all times. The EPA helps to empower the people of the community by providing education and income and lead them towards a better lifestyle. 

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