Asha Lari addresses the need for community engagement by creating safe and uplifting public spaces that become a part of the people’s life. It uses the element of khatlas with complementary elements of radio, projector, blackboard, planks used as tables, microphones, books, and newspapers which  involves the entire community and unites them.  The aim of the Asha lari is to  provide a voice for the people who can unite in the spaces created by laari and engage with solutions and actions for the injustice faced by them.  The reading section engages the community to be well aware of the happenings around and act as a library for children to learn. The use of the khatlas, opens up the spaces for education, awareness programs, community meetings, celebrations and festivals, leisure activities, women empowerment, engagement and a library

Construction lari is a portable workshop that will not only be used while setting up the camp but also building several shelters and on repairs. The tools and provision of removable tables as a space to work creates a workspace area for people. The sliding panels containing hammers, saws, nails are hung, thus creating a storage space which can be transported around the camp, often comes handy. The solar panels on the roof provide power to the heavy power tools. This lari can also be used to teach the residents important skills as well as it can be a platform for the residents to themselves design more laris that help to enhance the experience of the community and help out around the camp. It also acts as  space for interaction

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Lari Katha is an illustrated narrative representing the series of events that occur during a relocation, and the aid Sahyog Lari and Transit Kit provide to the communities. The premise of the story begins hypothetically from the Sabarmati River Development Project gradually progressing as an implementation guide for the displaced families.

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Operational Drawings

Developing the required technical drawings, while elaborating operational models to facilitate construction with mockups and an extensive market survey.

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A pamphlet to understand the step by step construction of both the Sahyog Lari's. To materialize the planning and coordination of agencies, material estimation.