Departing from the increasing necessity to address issues of urban marginality, structural violence, community disfranchisement, and now the global pandemic, we invite students to explore the
possibilities that urban designers -and researchers- possess to generate positive changes in contexts of scarcity.
The studio will depart from the COVID 19 pandemic as stage for experimentation, surfacing the idea of infrastructure not necessarily as a more-than-human (one-time) solution, but a
transitional set of strategies that would allow for the re-imagination of Indian urbanity. Frugal tactics of space, manifested through small-scaled urban devices that can plug into existing
infrastructural systems: transportable and dismountable objects, capable of accommodating diverse productive activities. We term‘Light Infrastructures’.
The structure of the studio will fluctuate between lectures and discussions on the theories of infrastructure and design activism, to practical developments of infrastructures. A design-research
inquest, materialized in the form of implementation manuals (containing working drawings, operational models, on-ground strategies, market research, step-by-step construction processes,
and its impact on the urban context).


CEPT University focuses on understanding, designing, planning, constructing, and managing human habitats. Its programs aim to build thoughtful professionals and its research programs deepen understanding of human settlements.  CEPT University also undertakes advisory projects to further the goal of making habitats more liveable. Through its education, research, and advisory activities, CEPT strives to improve the impact of habitat professions in enriching the lives of people in India's villages, towns, and cities.

This project has been developed by students of bachelors of urban design, faculty of planning, This program aims to equip design professionals particularly for the complexities of design in the public realm and to analyze the urban environment and its systems, at multiple scales.

Kruti Shah

Co-founder, Chaal.Chaal.Agency

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the pedagogy

After completing her undergraduate studies from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai, she carried out her post-graduate studies at CEPT University, where she received a Master of Architecture within the Architectural Design specialization. 

After her masters, she went on to work with Shimul Javeri Kadri Architects in Mumbai (2016) and JMA Design Collaborative in Ahmedabad (2017-2018) where she worked as a Senior Architect heading various Architectural projects. Her interest in research lies in understanding micro and macro narratives of lived spaces, their intangible quality, and how they can be translated into small design interventions that impact larger contexts.

As a Colombian architect graduated from the National University of Colombia, he worked several years in Sergio Trujillo Arquitectos as studio coordinator, where he was involved in the proposition, design, and development of several public buildings in the country. He completed the Masters of Architecture programme at CEPT University -within the History, Theory and Criticism specialization- being interested in the function of architecture as a tool for agency, the role of the architect as political agent, the potentials of informality, as well as the spatial/historical contingencies of the global south. He has been a faculty at CEPT University, a Research Associate in the University Press, a visiting faculty at the Isthmus University in Panama and a studio tutor at the National University of Colombia.

Sebastian Trujilo

Co-founder, Chaal.Chaal.Agency

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Teaching Associate

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Aakash completed his bachelor’s in architecture from CEPT University, Ahmedabad in July 2020. In 2018 he went to study at Polytechnic university of Milan as part of the exchange program. Currently he is working as a teaching associate at CEPT University, engaging in various studios and mandatories in the faculty of planning, technology and architecture.

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